Le rive dell’Anduin" (The Shores of Anduin), the first event organised by the Proudneck Smial of Rome, will take place in the beautiful, vaguely mysterious setting of a stately 15th-century palace built on the remains of an ancient Roman villa and situated in one of the oldest quarters of the Eternal City, just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Piazza Navona. The event will include three lectures, one of which featuring the collaboration of the Finnish Embassy in Italy, and the presentation of the Italian translation of Tom Shippey’s The Road to Middle-earth.There will also be an exhibition of drawings and paintings inspired by JRR Tolkien’s magical world, as well as handicrafts for sale. However, the most unique feature of "Le rive dell’Anduin" will be a series of "performed" readings of passages from The Lord of the Rings, complete with mood lighting, soundtrack and background images.

Following the Great River
Anduin, the Great River, is probably the most important stream in Tolkien's landscapes. The river flows from the cold norhern mountains, the Ered Mithrin, to the Sea souht of Middle-Earth, the world created by the author, passing through elven and human realms. As the Tevere river in Rome, the Anduin leaves a significant mark on Middle-Earth. Within a short branch of time, The Lord of the Rings' story follows the flowing of the river, almost being one thing with it. Our event means to follow its stream too, sailing with Tolkien and the public for a while. For a day, The Shores of Anduin will be a place, in time and space, which, floating towards the sea, will bring with some of the suggestions Tolkien left us.


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